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Week Two – Marathon Training Recap

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Good week of running. Ran short of the target miles for the week, but I’m OK with the effort on the other runs. Ran 4 days (Didn’t reset Garmin so two days of running recorded as one and I didn’t wear a Garmin on the Saturday run). Felt great during Thursday’s medium paced tempo run (7:30/mile). Ran faster than 7:30, but it felt really easy and was able to talk the entire time. I’m sure Thom and Sergio were happy about that:-) Blisters on both of my upper heal didn’t allow me to run Sunday. Still not able to put on shoes since I popped them and removed the skin. Hopefully wounds will be dry and runnable for Tuesday.

I didn’t eat particularly healthy. I did consume all home cooked food, but indulged a little too much on the desserts and fatty stuff. I guess when the gritty part of the training is underway I’ll be back to form with my diet as well.

Volunteered at the Simi Valley Half Marathon and was more sore (upper body) from that than any run since the training began. I really need to get back to doing some major core and flexibility exercises.

Avg Time: 01:16:49 h:m:s
Distance: 18.16 mi
Calories: 1,887 C
Time:  02:33:39 h:m:s
Avg Distance: 9.08 mi
Median Distance: 9.08 mi
Max Distance: 11.87 mi
Median Time: 01:16:49 h:m:s
Max Time: 01:45:57 h:m:s
Avg Elevation Gain: 410 ft
Median Elevation Gain: 410 ft
Max Elevation Gain: 32 ft
Elevation Loss: 849 ft
Avg Elevation Loss: 424 ft
Median Elevation Loss: 424 ft
Max Elevation Loss: 746 ft
Max Avg Speed: 7.9 mph
Max Speed: 16.1 mph
Count: 2 Activities
Elevation Gain: 821 ft
Avg Speed: 7.1 mph

Garmin Profiles:
6 Rose Bowl Hills AND 4 Mile Recovery run
4 Mile Griffith Park Tempo Run


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