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Runners’ Bucket Lists

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As runners we all have “must do” races. I know for many this can be the Boston Marathon or the Dipsea Race. For some it can be an international race such as The Berlin Marathon or the Great Wall of China Marathon. I know ultra-runners look to the Western States 100 as the pinnacle of ultra races. Popular bucket list runs also include the Peachtree 10k, Bolder Boulder Race, and the Bay to Breakers. For relay fanatics, it doesn’t get any better (or harder to get into) then the Hood to Coast Relay.

Whether it’s a sprint or an ultra, we all have those runs that we have to do before we die. All lists are different. Some are more standard (Boston and NYC), while others are off the wall or completely insane (run a marathon every weekend or run a race in a costume).

Since I started running in 2008 I’ve added to my bucket list many times over and have not made a dent in crossing off any activities. The one thing I did manage to cross off was to run in a nude race. This idea was added to my list after reading an excerpt from My Life On The Run by Bart Yasso. In it he mentioned how he ran in a nude race in the Seattle area on the grounds of a nudist colony. What an experience!

In March I found a 5k race in Colton, CA that was clothing optional at the Olive Dell Nudist Resort. First off, running naked is challenging, but running naked on a trail with constant rolling hills is just plain stupid and painful. There were many runners who ran this race as a bucket list race. (The resort was very supportive of first time nude runners and made it a comfortable environment). It was great to hear their stories and find out what their other bucket list races were. I finished in 23:25, a nude 5k PR! One down, many more to go.

(Oh, I’ve ran on an active volcano. Almost forgot about that.)

So, what’s on your running bucket list? What have you crossed off and hope to cross off soon?

Some of my bucket list runs are:
Bay To Breakers (maybe as part of a Centipede or even a Bare to Breakers runner)
Dipsea Race
A night marathon (ET in Nevada)
Pikes Peak Ascent
Bataan Ultra-marathon
Western States 100
Run a race dressed as Pac-Man while constantly running up on people.
…and so much more


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