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Beer Mile

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Forgot about the reason for my previous blog entry. I recently ran a beer mile (cross that off my bucket list!). A beer mile is running 4 laps around a track after drinking a beer before each lap. Ran decent splits for each lap, but it was the drinking that made it super tough. I need to work on my chugging skills so I don’t spend too much time in the drinking zone.

Lessons learned:
-Cans are better than bottles.
-Cold beer isn’t always a good thing.
-Drinking beer takes concentration.
-Don’t sprint right out of the drinking zone. Settle into a progressive pace.
-Burping while running is painful.
-Women are just as good, if not better, at downing beers than men. One person in particular, ahem, Janet G.
-Keeping a relaxed pace during the run enables you to drink faster right off the bat.
-The race is won in the drinking zone. Slow and steady runs keeps you in the race.

Beer Mile Garmin Details.


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